The Dino saved us (Stockholm & Lima)

Dino, swimmingpool, ladder, garden hose,  bamboo shark (exclusives! which are just adorable)  and picknicktable (will be featured in another blog) are made by Stockholm & Lima. (Epiphany)
The swimmingpool has several animations (10 single, 5 adult, 7 cuddles)
The ladder has 10 single animations (including several diving), 3 cuddle and 4 adult.
The tubes come in either dino, swan or flamingo and can be single (his or hers, 3 animations) or couple animations (3 cuddle & 3 friends)

  * Photo taken by Mr. S

  * Photo taken by Mr. S

All pictures are taken at Hollowtree.

Info about the event: http://the-epiphany.com/