Dear Dr.

I'm having weird dreams lately, I'm in a big room, on a couch, 
surrounded with numerous kinky items. 
Maybe I have some kind of disorder. Or maybe I visited Romp too much?


More Romp-ing :) 


Insta Princess (Romp)

AsteroidBox. Insta Princess // Sunglasses (ROMP) opens July 15th.
It's Romps anniversary, which means you can expect gifts too! 
The Secret Store - Olivia Lacey Blouse - Mustard
Noodles - Initial Bracelet Silver
RONSEM* Leather Bracelet 
Zibska Olena ~ Earrings (limited gift)

Like a good girl (Azoury/Nox)

AZOURY - Wisdom helmet [Red] at The Epiphany. Gacha item 100 L$ per play, Balletshoes (rare, 2 to collect).
 Start: July 15th. 
More info: HTTP://the-epiphany.com/