Alchemist elements

[ keke ] alchemist elements - earth
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[ keke ] alchemist elements - quintessence
[ keke ]  alchemist elements - water

Summer melody

S&P Melody shorts & shirt Lara (also Freya, HG and Legacy). Sold at Summerfest
June 21st - July 7th
10 shirt colours and 8 denim short colours

The items are water sensitive. If it gets in contact with SL default water it will turn wet, drip and will also dry in the sun again.
By default, it will take 90 seconds for it to be medium dry and another 90 seconds to dry off fully. 
Taking it off wet, it will stay wet in your inventory. You actually have to wear it to dry again.

You can instant dry it by wearing the included towel.


Daytrip dreaming

Amias - Ciel dress & bikini bottom (with colour hud) - Maitreya for Kinky Event
MINIMAL - Penang Bike Orange

Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Leather Alexa Choker - Design 1
:::SOLE::: SA - Glasses SHINKAN White (F-Black)



Vintage dress Evelyn, by Salt & Pepper inspired by the golden 20ies,
 comes with a head wrap (not wearing)
it is available at the Vintage Fair until June 16th. 
12 single colours are available: black, midnight, cobalt, purple, berry, red, mauve, rose, white, champagne, silver, gold. 
All single packs include a hud to change the straps, metals & gems.

MG - Necklace - Leather Alexa Choker 

PLAAKA Rhubarb Basket
Trompe Loeil - Funky Lamp