Eyes Wide Shut Secret Society

Eyes Wide Shut Secret Society is a roleplay group and place, founded by ђαץє Ʋση Åץєηђαђα. At the time I was there it was empty, so I had not to worry about the rules here. 

All members should wear a mask and a cloak and / or formal attire. 
The women (they use 'whores', I prefer women though.. ) wear masks and cloaks too. 
On instruction of a Master of Ceremony, they have to remove their cloak to reveal their body. Under the cloak, they are allowed no clothes covering their breasts. They may wear string panties but can be instructed to remove them too by a Master of Ceremony. They keep their mask on at all times. 


Silence (Romp)

It's Romp-time again! 
Tomorrow Romp starts with some great kinky clothes, restraints and furniture! 

[ContraptioN]&[CX] Strapping Silencer *silver* at Romp from April 15th till 29th. 
The Horror!~ Princessa Collar (White/Silver) RLV or unscripted at Romp from April 15th till 29th.