MINA Hair - Eden for Kinky Event
RedFish - Shining Tattoo for Kinky Event
JF Design "Nelly" Skirt, Top and Panties Black for Kinky Event
Dead Dollz - Lych Gloves Bento 


Codex Punky metal collar (RLV or no RLV) and earrings for Kinky Event
RedFish - Shining Tattoo for Kinky Event


Even dragonflies dream

[ keke ] even dragonflies dream. sky - out at mainstore and marketplace 
for 50L till sunday

[ keke ] hygge sofa . floral . sits 3 prs for Shiny Shabby
[ keke ] hygge sofa table . wood for Shiny Shabby
[ keke ] rug 43 - oriental sky
*YS&YS* Riciclo Set Blue Vase
[ keke ] winter tin - snowdrop wintersky
-tres blah- Bon Voyage - MP3 (Blue)
Apple Fall Country Pantry
Apple Fall Log Chair
[ keke ] nirvana . mind
L2 studio - wood beam padre island house




Love [Long Sleeve Open Back Bodysuit] Stripes
[Dictatorshop] Rustic  Sofa - Adult M/F 

AZOURY - Boubli Cap With Nails Silver for Cosmopolitan
+XAnSA+ Baal Face Harness
AZOURY - COCO - Earring
Love [Long Sleeve Open Back Bodysuit] Stripes


Kiss me

[ keke ] mistletoe fatpack 15 pieces for Shiny Shabby
[ keke ] mistletoe green
[ keke ] mistletoe wreath green
NOMAD // Giraffe Taxidermy 



dust bunny . rocking chair
floorplan. botanical card holder 
[ keke ] winter maple leaves . whirling rime 
[ keke ] winter maple leaves . ground frost
[ keke ] fall maple leaves . whirling orange
[ keke ] fall maple leaves . whirling green
floorplan. botanical chart
[ keke ] key papers
Blank Picture by Echoe
mahou - taped posted - leaf - decor
dust bunny . flower cabinet
O.M.E.N - The Long Ride - Books & Ribbon
[ keke ]  group gift winter  2017
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera


Parental advisory

Azoury - Iyyov Helmet for Romp
AsteroidBox. Mouth Silencer (OC or no OC) in silver or gold for Romp
Zibska - Olena Earrings
Stockholm&Lima: Laced Collar
[I<3F] Outfit [04] - Bra for Romp (undress menu)
[I<3F] Outfit [04] - Skirt for Romp (undress menu)
Azoury - Automne Boot Onyx Chapter Four
Violetility - Lingerie Chair 
(with single bento, couple animations - cuddle/lapdance, forplay, oral, sex) for Romp



Stockholm&Lima: Double O-Ring Collar 
Salt - Kinky Mia Dress (in eight different colors) at Romp
This is wrong Oriental tattoo at Romp
[Ds] Chesterfield Sofa Adult or  PG

ROMP Elegant Kink opens November 10th - 24th



for the 6 Republique event:
[ keke ] bar neon sign
[ keke ] tokyo signs
[ keke ] heaven neon sign
[ keke ] this is it neon sign . blue

decor: weekend ruiner - roy g biv

{Ghoul} Juuzou Bondage Harness, Shrug and Thong Neon 



[ keke ] peace incense new at the mainstore
Dust bunny fresh strawberry water

Bad Seed Molly's Garden Shelves
Dust bunny  wanderlust  belted pillows
D-LAB cheese shop21 Gorgonzola
Vespertine-baguette snack
Nomad - Crown Decor

Serious talk

[sYs] Samhain bra and pull pumpkin/black for kinky event
//Ascend// Magissa Trouser / Black 
Azoury - Tsaphkiel High Heel Shoe Caramel for 
The Chapter Four