Epia @ the Arcade

(epia) - Outdoor Pool RARE - Arcade
DIGS - Beaufort Sunlounger 

(epia) - Beer Keg - Arcade
(epia) - Shot Glass Roulette - Arcade
(epia) - College Adventures Book - Arcade
Soy. Cooler box (Sup white)
[Toiz] papercup tower
(NO) Boat Cat Vase - Yellow Dots

The party is here (Epia)

(epia) - Outdoor Pool RARE (Arcade)
(epia) - Party Sign (Arcade)
(epia) - BBQ Grill (Arcade)
(epia) - Used Sofa RARE (Arcade
[Toiz] White fan

Angus, the Hollowtree-dog, wears the Megaphone from Epia (Arcade) and sits on a Pool matress from .: Bee Designs:. (Summer Gacha). 

I sit on a Floatter 1 from .: Bee Designs:. (Summer Gacha) and wear  Strappy Swimsuit - Orange from Garbaggio.