Group Gift Salt & Pepper - Zara bottom & top
::kDm:: kawaii glasses gacha -9-


Salt & Pepper Brooke lingerie set, with various sheer options and textures for Uber
+XAnSA+ Fomori Face Harness
Trompe Loeil - Keliana Lounger White+ Towel PG


Black bunny

S&P Bunny Collar RARE

 S&P Bunny teddy Lara black
S&P Bunny cuffs Lara RARE

S&P Bunny cuffs Lara RARE
S&P Bunny ears  black
S&P Bunny panties Lara RARE
S&P Bunny clamps Lara
S&P Bunny egg 1oz  maitreya

All Salt & Pepper gacha's are sold  at Epiphany


Fish on my chair

[Dictatorshop] Rustic Chair - Adult M/F (or PG, single), Femdom & Maledom
(15 fabric textures and 5 wood textures)
-Garden- by anc "datura" L (black)

-Pixicat- Night.Jacket - Green
OVH.Patrick Jeans . black belt 

Round Shelf

[Dictatorshop] Vindustria Decor - Round Shelf
[ keke ] glass vase w magnolias - blush
[ keke ] nirvana chair wood pink
[ keke ] nirvana mind
[ keke ] crysanthemum
[ keke ] honeysuckle in vase pink
[ keke ] lilies  white pot
[ keke ] peony candelabra white
[ keke ] peony group gift spring 2
[ keke ] candle platter w snowberries . white
[ keke ] zen ginkgo plant
[ keke ] book-s-table white
[ keke ] retro chair rose


Taedium vitae

Azoury - Taedium vitae for Cosmopolitan
.:MMC:. Fighting Pants - Maitreya
Wicca's Wardrobe - Neysa Outfit [Latex] 

[Dictatorshop] Vindustria Coffee Table - Adult and PG (with single, couple and sequence animations, dances, has a sexmachine integrated).  available this month exclusively at Swank for 20% off during the event.

[ keke ]  my funny valentine flowers in vases. 


Back Lines

[ keke ] my funny valentine  white and red flowers in vases (1 vase or 3 vases)
- A. DeLauren - Back Lines - showing now at Dixmix Gallery

Taken at SNest



-:zara kent:- Tasha Body for Kinky Event
Rinka & Amprenta - Rax Shoes for Kinky Event

Accepted and relaxing

Amitie Chester Sofa Single poses
Azoury -  Breathe Mask
[Glitzz] Beyond pasties & corset / chains (with hud) for Kinky Event
-[ darkling ]- Celina Panties for Kinky Event (comes with a harness and bra)
.Quirky. - Mowsie Set - Garter & Cuffs