Azoury - Aloha Headwear for the Forest Event, starting December 21st. 
information: http://theforestevent.com/

[sYs] MAIA Eyebrows - Winter
[White~Widow - Face Tattoo] Mellow Silver


Mina Hair - Fitted mesh hair 'Kimmy' with full colour hud, sold for Bishbox*
Azoury - Necklace Cel  
S&P top Ryan maitreya with hud (Old Romp item)

BishBox is a monthly mystery box filled with high quality, original mesh clothing, accessories, skins, shoes, and hair for the wild and crazy grrrrls in Second Life. Using the same successful formula as SwagBag and Deco(c)rate, BishBox will deliver 15 top quality semi-exclusive items from SL’s best female designers directly to your inventory every month. BishBox HQ: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Harms%20Way/71/164/1233 

LISP - Mesh - Woodburner Noir
:Deadpool: Fun Rack

Taken at Bizarre & ...


Grandma's Christmas (XanSa)

XanSa, who usually makes beautiful face harnesses, 
 has made for We <3 RP furniture.
It's Christmas furniture, called Grandma's. 


Get Busy Living

From Stockholm & Lima at Fameshed:
Stockholm&Lima: Redemption Bar Table Adult or PG
PG Table Includes:
12 Solo Sits in each Seat
3 female & 3 Male Sits on the table
3 m/f cuddle poses

Adult Table Includes:
All the above +
18 M/f Adult Animations

Stockholm&Lima: Redemption Tequila Tray

Stockholm&Lima:Redemption Bar Sign

22769 ~ [bauwerk] No Place Like Home - Season of Giving Gift

At the left side
MudHoney Miles Deer Art
Picnic antique frame - white
RO - Crappy Xmas Tree
<:*BoOgErS*:> Poor Abandoned Bear
TCB - What The Antler (Picture Frame) deer

At the right side
tarte. belted bookshelf 

Stockholm&Lima: Redemption Tequila Tray

Brown Bear- Mesh
TBF Antlers - French Breakfast
Sweet Thing. Seraph Bra - Nilla

floorplan. coat rack 
Picnic antique frame - white
dust bunny . rainboot cart

United Colours leather dress belted black
The Annex - Lock Down - Cuff
[LAB737] Equinox Shoes Obsidian

Taken at Bizarre & ...


Crappy Christmas Tree

AZOURY - Irenaeus Helmet [Black] 299 L$ at Marketplace or the store 
+XAnSA+ Face Straps - Habibi, with hud at Suicide Dollz
-David Heather-Yang Sweater/F/Grey 

MudHoney Miles Deer Art
RO - Crappy Xmas Tree

XanSA Face Face Straps - Inara, with hud

Taken at Bizarre & ...



United Colours Dress, leather belted top all in 1 (Maitreya)
Azoury - Agrippina Ballet Shoes - SLink [Ivoire] for 369 L$
Slink Feet Pointe

Pose: DP Ballerina 1

BackBone Black Cat-ne-quin on Bronze Stand

Taken at Bizarre & ... 



Azoury Saul Headwear [Black] at Tannenbaum

Price : 389L$
Date: November 25th and ends December 25th.

The Wire room

Stockholm&Lima: D1V1S10N Bed @ Ultra
The D1V1S10N Bed includes:
mod/copy/16 li mesh bed
8 Female Solo Sits
9 M/f Cuddles


Like a canary

MINA Hair - Farah (materials) for Fameshed
Farah has additional windy locks which you can operate with the HUD.
includes all packs and a new dip dye pack. 
Fameshed starts November 1st. 

*{JB}* Crystal Acorn Choker in Forest (old Fameshed gift)

{Luxuria} Choked Bruises - dark at Romp (last day!)

!dM Nawatsuya - LARA ShibariMini **ASIAN CANARY** at Romp (last day!)


Taken at Pravum Est


Kinky guns (Event: Romp)

Truth hair - Charlize - Gingers

Violetility - Catnail * at Romp
Violetility - SenPlay Paddle * at Romp
Violetility - SenPlay Pinwheel * at Romp

Pose Del May Mime Gun

S&P Ivy harness & skirt (for Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, Physique and Isis) it includes a hud with options for white, black and grey, with or without blood stains and metal options. * 
599 L$ at Romp

.:Pulse:. Fetish Lock - Chains Feet  / Onyx (Only for Slink High!!) * at Romp

Pose Del May Hindsight Male

* Sold at ROMP open from October 15th till the 29th. 



Azoury - Shinobi Headwear, a beautiful hat with keys at the front
 sold at Liaison Collaborative for 349 L$
MINA Hair - Riva 
Azoury - Spider Necklace Black
Tram -gathered shoulder blouse [black]


Stockholm&Lima:Mystic Neon:Horcrux at Salem 

at The Falling



Azoury - Tam-Tam Helmet [White] at Chapter Four - starts October 4th. 
During this Event, the price is 199L$ instead of 399L$. (Also comes in black, red and caramel).

-David Heather-Artie Eyeglasses/Black

erratic / neo - leather jacket / white



AZOURY - Dino Necklace at The Crossroads for 249 L$
Storybook - Renegade - Onyx - Maitreya
AZOURY - Yurei Shoes [Silver Grey] Maitreya

Pose: DelMay Cat Chat



Hair Tram  C429
+XAnSA+ Fomori Face Harness in leather or latex, with colour hud. At Suicide Dollz
tram -Candy bracelet & ring- yellow L$30 at Colors

Pose Del May



Azoury - Jotham Cap [Black Beauty] at the Phantasy Collective for 299 L$
starts on 22nd September. 

MINA Hair - Riva 

OVH Mini Body . marsala HUD . Maitreya Body

!The little bat - Batty Deviant-V1-OpenCollar

Taken at Pravum Est


Waiting for the birds

Solomiya High Heels from Azoury (469 L$) in 8 colours - at the store or at Marketplace.

-David Heather-Abloh Trousers/Black

Taken at Furillen, waiting for the opening of 'Birds' an exhibition of RL photography by me.
Starting on September 19th at 13.00 SLT. 


Red Light

Azoury Nesoi ballet shoes for Slink feet pointe. 
Sold at SaNaRae for 209L$ instead of 419L$
Date: August 25 to September 18th.

MINA Hair - Riva with colourpack
Sold at The Book of Daniel, a fundraising event. 
100% will be donated.
The event runs from September 10 - 20th.

JamBee HOLO crop top > Maitreya Lara #oil_spill (old ON9 item)

RudeCats - Loud Skirt

Photos taken at Pravum Est 

Pravum Est

AZOURY - Motoko Ballet Shoes [Black]
Sold at Anybody for 469 L$ (for Slink feet Pointe) starting Sept. 7th


Boudoir Daydreaming

MINA Hair - Riva with colourpack
Sold at The Book of Daniel, a fundraising event. 
100% will be donated.
The event runs from September 10 - 20th.

AZOURY - Spider Necklace Black 50 L$ 
Limited edition, 200 unique copies in three different colours. 
                                                         Sold at Limit8, starting September 8th.

Stockholm&Lima: Double O-Ring Collar -Leather (Black/Silver)

~Soedara~ Gold Mirage Pasties BlackChain {Vengeance}