Hot Tramp

Azoury - Jericho Razor Crown for The Coven for 349 L$
he Coven is a themed event, for witchcraft, sorcery, wizards and spells.
 It's  from November 3rd till the 29th. 

MINA Hair - Farah, with or without material & with a hud. 
 for Fameshed 

+XAnSA+ Legion Collar 

+XAnSA+ Daeva's Cross Armband

[ILAYA] Fleur Corset & panty - Maitreya 
in the colours red, black, beige, brown, rose, white and pink, at Shiny Shabby

Azoury - Möbius Ballet Shoes [red, chocolate, cream and black] at Chapter Four
November 4th to November 20th.
During this event the price is 234 L$ instead of 469 L$.