Elementary Love

Azoury - Manuel Nose Ring black pearl
Azoury - Patience jewelry Onyx
PMD - The skully lashes
Ama - Aftermath (red cheeks & mouth)
+XAnSA+ Baal Face Harness Marketplace
Pose [Hanimation] Leno_03

At the end of the day

Azoury - Manuel Jewelry - in black or white
Haysuriza Glasses Mao (Ladies or Men)
Mina Hair - Emma


Granny's garden

[ILAYA] Granny's Gate And Fence available at SaNaRae
ionic : La fuente de la Haciendita
[ keke ] little tree - spring
[ keke ] clover grass . summer . swaying (5 seasons) Fameshed
[ keke ] windswept tree . white at Uber
[ keke ] wild crocus saffron 


fluffy evening at the hide-out

[ keke ] fluffy grass fall 
[ keke ] bottle lights on a string beach wood at Fameshed
[ keke ] summer party flowers red
Soy. Potted Olive Tree
*ionic* Old Swing
8f8 - primavera in Toscana Antique Jug
Little Branch - Black Olive Tree Animated 4Seasons

Seduction at the Milky Way Galaxy Club


At the beach

S&P Celia swimsuit black at Frou Frou (open 10th of June)
 If it gets in contact with SL default water it will turn wet, drip and will also
 dry in the sun again.
it will take 90 seconds for it to be medium dry and
 another 90 seconds to dry off fully. 

.::FabulouS::. Da Shutter (glasses)
RedFish - Tenta-tattoo


I see you

DIRTY PRINCESS- Bad Blood Princess Lingerie for Kinky Event

DAPPA - Nympho Tattoo. Maitreya Applier. for Kinky Event

Why he likes me to take a shower

 Mina & Salt & Pepper have made an interactive set: the clothing and hair turns wet on contact with default SL water, the shower and the watergun.
The shower includes 6 poses for pics, you can turn the water on and off by clicking on it

Mina Hair - Sandra sold at Fameshed
Salt & Pepper WTC tank Lara white (rare) and panties white. (also a t-shirt version)
Additional colours/textures are: black, pink, flamingo, pineapple and tropical.
The gacha set includes a shower, a watergun, a pedestal, a catwalk and a towel (for a quick dry), the reward (after 25 pulls) is a very nice directors chair.
Go get your gatcha at the Arcade

Version by Mr S: