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From Stockholm & Lima at Fameshed:
Stockholm&Lima: Redemption Bar Table Adult or PG
PG Table Includes:
12 Solo Sits in each Seat
3 female & 3 Male Sits on the table
3 m/f cuddle poses

Adult Table Includes:
All the above +
18 M/f Adult Animations

Stockholm&Lima: Redemption Tequila Tray

Stockholm&Lima:Redemption Bar Sign

22769 ~ [bauwerk] No Place Like Home - Season of Giving Gift

At the left side
MudHoney Miles Deer Art
Picnic antique frame - white
RO - Crappy Xmas Tree
<:*BoOgErS*:> Poor Abandoned Bear
TCB - What The Antler (Picture Frame) deer

At the right side
tarte. belted bookshelf 

Stockholm&Lima: Redemption Tequila Tray

Brown Bear- Mesh
TBF Antlers - French Breakfast
Sweet Thing. Seraph Bra - Nilla

floorplan. coat rack 
Picnic antique frame - white
dust bunny . rainboot cart

United Colours leather dress belted black
The Annex - Lock Down - Cuff
[LAB737] Equinox Shoes Obsidian

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