Stockholm&Lima: The Nightingale Cage (Antique) - at Romp 
Losthaven: Halonai - Collar with Leash 
RealRestriant: Vixen Cuffs

Surrealia from Stockholm & Lima has made a great cage for Romp. 
It comes in antique or clean and has several textures to choose from.
It has some lovely animations

6 Female Solo Animations for capture, waiting and sitting. 
6 Bondage Solo Animations
6 Shibari Solo Animations
23 Adult couples animations broken up into 4 animation sequence sets

And of course, the RLV experience! A complete list: 

RLV Capture Enabled
D/s Menu system
Security Access for sitters and menu users (Owner, Group, Public)
Timelocking capture abilities
Further RLV capabilities
Full female Shibari harness set (harness, and cuffs included - NOT wearable off the cage)
Gag and Blindfold with 5 degrees of darkness
19 color change options for the ropes, harness, blindfold and gag
AVSitter Experience Keys ready for auto attachment of props, and/or attachments made by the Dominant to the submissive.  

Shibari Harnesses that work with this cage can be found at the mainstore only, if you want to wear them while off the Stockholm&Lima shibari systems.