Just relax and feel

Stockholm&Lima Triskelion Park Bench is during the ROMP event 25% off! 
The bench has 5 wood textures, 10 solo sits (5 male, 5 female) and cuddles/aftercare (5 M/f, 5 F/m and 5 F/f). 
Also 10 Sex animations (10 M/f, 10 F/m, 10 F/f). 
 Picture taken by Mr. S. 

Picture taken by Mr. S. 

The Triskelion Park Bench has new & original bondage animations (yay!!) 
We loved them all. (7 animation sets for each M/f, F/m and F/f couples). 
The bench is RLV enabled with timelock and capture and has props: blindfold, gag, rope cuffs and hitachi. 

Romp closes end of the week (29th), don't wait too long !