Sexual Objectification or Forniphilia

*~*HopScotch*~* Human Candelabra - 200 L$ at  ROMP
The Human Candelabra comes with a collar, cuffs and several candle pieces. 
The Mouth Candle is included in a Gag scripted and an unscripted version. It can be used as stand alone but won't pose you into a locked position.
Every part of the set is RLV scripted. So you can add owners and lock the attachments in place. Of course they also can be turned invisible if needed. 

UC Leather belted top all in 1 Maitreya (and Slink & Belezza)
 for 249 L$  ROMP

*MUKA* Iggy - Lara, with hud 
(9 colours, for Maitreya, Hourglass and Physique) 250 L$  ROMP

AZOURY - Coraliz Harness & heels.

*~*HopScotch*~* Human Standing Lamp - 200 L$ at ROMP
The Human Standing lamp comes as a rezzable object with RLV scripts and 6 poses.
 The lampshade is also texture change. 

-JoHaDeZ- Rustic Sideboard "Wolf"

Forniphilia is a type of bondage, another word for sexual objectification. 
The sub is objectified in a table, lamp, chair or another piece of furniture. 
Forni is from furnir (old French) and philia is Greek for 'love of'. 

Allen Jones started it all with his art 'Hat Stand', Table Sculpture and Chair, 
which he made in 1969. 
An interview with Allen Jones can be read here

The House of Gord use very extreme forms of forniphilia. An interesting interview and a lot of photos can be found here.