Don't say the word ''brush'' or..

Salt & Pepper top & skirt Ryan 
Single colours: teal, black, sand, white, pink, berry including a hud for metals + glow string with glow option on/off, sizes: slink physique, hourglass, maitreya.

The Ryan outfit includes top & skirt in one pack and is 20% off during the event
single price: 320 LS
fatpack: 800 LS

Sold at Romp starts July 15th till July 29th. 

NOX. Spanked [Omega Applier HUD or tattoo] breasts. 100 L$ at Romp

**Dirty Princess** Erotic Princess Heels Romp
I love these heels, it comes with a hud for 15 colours, either in leather or latex.
Not expensive for L$ 299! 

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Old Leather Sofa in red leather or worn leather. 
(Adult Complete (PG/Adult/Gay). The couch can be bought in PG, Adult, Adult Gay or a complete version. Sold at Romp

PG  (385 L$) 24 single and 17 couple animations.
Adult (695 L$) 24 single, 17 couple and 21 adult straight animations.
Adult Gay (595 L$) 24 single, 8 gay cuddle and 24 adult gay animations
Adult complete (995 L$) 24 single, 17 couple, 21 adult straight, 8 gay cuddle and 24 adult gay animations.  

(Our poses are adjusted with Anypose)