A patience game

[CX] XenoPlug (Gold). This awesome plug & tail has a great slow animation, which is almost erotic, It's like it's slowly touching your body (or scratching!). With a hud you can change the curve of the tail (with slides). You can also control the speed, angle, gap and delay and it has options to save tail settings. 
It comes in gold, silver, black, pink, blue or mint, either as tail or as buttplug & tail. 
Sold at.. of course.. Romp for 400 L$. 

{Luxuria} Rough Night Scratch Marks- *dark* sold at ROMP, with scratches at the front and back in light or dark. In tattoo layer or applier for Omega, Slink or Maitreya.
Sold at Romp for 150 L$.

[sYs] TANGRAM heels
These heels are just awesome! Their shape are quite unique and yes.. I always liked Tangram, but to make heels with them.. well done designer of sYs, great creativity! 
The heels come in several designs for Maitreya, Belezza and Slink.
Sold at Romp for 190 L$ per colour. 

+p.o.h+ Suction Dildo (Decor)

tapi :: hook gag, a very detailed hook gag with a colour hud. 
Of course for me in yellow, to combine with the Isidora bondage set from Phedora.
Tapi also sells a ball gag at Romp, each 199 L$.

Last but not least.. The Isidora Bondage set from Phedora.
When I visited Romp the first time, this set was the first thing that stood out for me. 
Maybe it was because I was there too early (yes, I was that impatient!) but each time I had to stop and stare at the photo and wait (as a good girl) for the designer to add the demo for me to test. 

When I entered Romp on the blogger-day, I saw the designer Miss Mineiro standing there, wearing the set. The best example for me to check it out :) 
I had a nice talk with her and before I knew.. I got a review copy to try out! 
The set contains:
a collar, 
a rigged harness 
Bondage Cuffs UnRigged 
Bondage Lockers Unrigged / 2 poses
Bondage Belt Rigged
Several huds to colour each part.
They are compatible for Maitreya Lara 2 versions, Belleza Isis & Freya, Slink Physique Hourglass.
The bondage set costs 499 L$. 

It does need a bit of editing, each shape is different of course, but for me it was just the lockers, everything else was a fit perfect. Once you done that.. it's playtime or better.. time for a patience-game :) 

All pictures are taken at Jala's place (thank you!) 

Have fun and Romp :)