DeLust, a closer look

A friend gave me a landmark to DeLust, a new place to me, but it has been in SL since 2010. 
It's a BDSM & Fetish club with a dress code: preferably latex, leather, bondage, nudity for subs/slaves or D/s fetish. 

There are no events, the aim is socializing, meeting and debauchery. I have visited it several times and saw some people in great fetish outfits. The talks are nice, sometimes with roleplay, but there is no need to interact. Watching (and listening) is fine too. 

At the entrance there are several note cards to be opened about the rules on what not to wear / to wear and more tips. 

The owner, Nicole (nicki.petrichor) writes in one of the note cards: 

The main goal of DeLust is to recreate a warm, cozy, erotic and relaxed environment,
similar to RL fetish clubs, from which the creator of DeLust have a significant
amount of experience. It's a hangout for socializing, sharing experiences and the
practice of BDSM/fetish interests, so yes, sex will be a common occurrence.

It is a dark place, but it suits DeLust. It is very nice for photography - even if I can't avoid derendering some objects, but that's me and my love for minimalism in photos :)

DeLust is not a big place, but I think it does have its charme because of that. The main hall is usually occupied. DeLust has different areas:

Arrival - Short little arrival corridor with info, dresscode and rules for DeLust.

Main Hall - Main hangout, party room and the center of debauchery.

Subbasement - The darker, more hardcore part of the venue, with cages and cells.
A bathroom, for a bath and other wet activities.

A lot of the furniture and equipment at DeLust is custom made specifically set up to fit for the club and its activities. Some are originals, some are modified. 

I like this club, the people are friendly and helpful, the music (also important) is nice and the furniture is rather good too. Both Dom and Domme furniture is available and enough for the sub/slave of course ! 

Thank you Ry, Fen, Nicole, Natascha and Noshi for allowing me to take photos of you and take a peek at DeLust

Landmark: DeLust