The cyber arms with claws are an exclusive mesh creation by Poisoned Diamond.

You will need to adjust the parts separately on your avatar, the adjustment depends of your shape, size and body. It can be worn on the default body and on any mesh body that have an alpha system.

All parts are modify, copy, no transfer and also have a resizer script in it. 

Finally, you can use only the hand if you wear something with long sleeves, or only the forearm part with the hands if you don't want to wear the part with the elbow and upper arm.

The cyber arms are for sale at the Thrift shop love or hate edition.

Lali's Sexy Sci-Fi Suit 16

Hair: Zion Rebirth from EMO-tions
Paperbag. Twigs 2 Hair Base (tintable gray)
-David Heather-Lotus Sunglasses/Mud
Pose (above) by Del May