ROMP me (2)

+Spellbound+ Kitten Face Harness, comes with hud for the ears and face harness 
and hair (not shown here) (ROMP)

+Spellbound+ Velvet // Black White Dipdye (gacha item)

Cae :: Devotion :: Collar (Open Collar & colour hud) (ROMP)

Opiums Addiction & [CON]-  Sluts Harness - Body Harness, Pleasure Belt and Cuffs (ROMP)
The harness, belt and cuffs is a collaboration of Opiums Addiction & [CON]. 
Each features:
    -RLV Lock/Unlock functionality
    -Appropriate RLV restriction options
    -Owner, Trusted and Blacklist access lists
    -Different levels of security settings for each access type
    -A 'request access' setting while unlocked
    -Links up to the Constraint Central HUD System if one is worn
    -Add-on system allowing for easy extras (With some included by default)

This belt also features a full Cuff system with restraint poses that chain you, standard poses that just put you in to a set position, restraint linking allowing you to customize chain linking and supporting Any other [CON] restraint with our cuff scripts in, and lockguard support for furniture chains.

Exposeur - Precious Pet Cage (ROMP)
The cage has 5 poses for male and female

Picture taken at Hollowtree