ROMP me (1)

I'm so lucky to be one of the bloggers for Romp, Elegant Kink
I'v visited it yesterday and it's a great one, in my opinion the best if
 I compare it to the other Romp events. 
Great job Heph & Sati ! 
It opens the 8th till 22nd January.

Wimey: Slither Collar Gold (OpenCollar & unscripted) at ROMP
[White~Widow] Wild Tattoo 
[sYs] Morgane shoulder - gold (gacha item)
Stockholm&Lima: Ladder Harness, comes with a colour hud -  at ROMP

Stockholm&Lima: Ladder Harness at ROMP
Vixen Leather cuffs
[NikotiN] Ultimate_Ashtray 

ER Eclectic Randomness - Doll Display Case
The Horror!~ Candy Collection (Licorice) - at ROMP
POST: Afterburner Occasional Table 
[NikotiN] Ultimate_Ashtray 
Construct - Candles - Mesh Candelabra long 

AZOURY - Aheli  heels yellow at Chapter Four

Taken at Pain & Fame

Stockholm&Lima: Ladder Harness at ROMP