Lady Laura

Zibska Maddi eyemake up

Stockholm&Lima: Double O-Ring Collar black/silver (also in brown)
Some Stockholm&Lima collars are newly scripted witOpen Collar Six:
- The Laced Collar
- The Linked Collar 
- The Double O-Ring Collars
the Six collars are faster, create less lag, are quicker to respond in laggy environments, and have some cool built in features, they still have the custom textures and/or leashes that Surrealia made them with originally. 
Wendy Starfall and her team @ Open Collar/Virtual Disgrace even created a new and improved relay system that works excellent with her furniture again. 

.Identity. Body Shop - Tattoo Sober Thought  for Kinky Event

Codex Garnet Aradia for Kinky Event
JF Design "Aster" Panties Black for Kinky Event
Ana Poses - Sydney