BigBully at Pocket Gacha

BigBully Wren Kitchen set for the PocketGacha from 15th August 
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The full copy version of the set will be available 
for purchase only for the duration of the round at PocketGacha

 BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Plain Island - RARE
 BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Chairs
Apple Fall Mixing Bowl Set
[ keke ] simple kitchen clutter . bowls
Plaaka Bowl(over painting)
Bazar Rolling pin
Apple Fall Neva's Antique Scales
Lark - Mason Jar
[Toiz] papercub tower
JIAN Egg Basket
Lark - Baking Tins
CRIMARIZON *Retro Cartoon TV*

To the left
BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Tall Cabinets
BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Oven Cabinet with: 
[ kunst ] - Soup can / tomato
Best Ever Canned Squid
[ kunst ] - Soup can / chicken noodles
Can of Pork & Beans
Canned Flying Squid

BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

To the right
BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Upper Cabinets
 BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Sink Island - RARE
BIGBULLY Wren Kitchen Cooktop
[ keke ] kitchen knife and board
Second Spaces - Kitchen Collection - cutting boards
*ionic* Kitchen Menage
Lark - Jar Utensil Holder