Collectors items

Stockholm & Lima has made RLV Collectors Boxes:  
gacha-tems for The Epiphany (starting 15-4-2017)
This is number 8, Bat Soot

There are 9 commons include 1 animation (captured) and
1 rare with dragonfly wings. 
It contains several textures, 6 animations and blindfolds, ribbon, cuffs, gag
and 5 dragonfly wing textures. They are all RLV enabled. 

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room - Table Dark
The Horror!~ Sweets Kit (Licorice)
[ keke ] clipped sketches (renewed, at the store)
!dM "Redlight" - NeonSign **FETISH**
floorplan. ski slope sign / experts
Apple Fall Buffalo Taxidermy
Post Frame
{vespertine}-moth collector
{vespertine}-beetle collector 1& 2

Stockholm&Lima: Simple Shibari Ring

I'm wearing
r2 A/D/E enbi suit[M]black
Blooming black shoes with cream socks from Azoury at Bloom
starting 15th of April