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Stockholm&Lima: Elemental Canopy Bed (in PG, Adult or Poly version)
5 Texture options (fully material enabled)
12 Solo sitting animations (18 in the Poly Version)
17 F/f Cuddles (all versions)
12 M/f Cuddles (all versions)
9 M/f/f Cuddles (Poly Version)
10 F/f Adult animations (Adult&Poly Versions)
21 M/f Adult animations (Adult&Poly Versions)
6 M/f/f GirlOnGirl Watching animations (Poly Version Only)
12 M/f/f Adult Animations (Poly Version Only)
2 F/f/f Adult Animations (Poly Version Only)
2 M/m/f Adult Animations + 1 6 animation sequence (Poly Version Only)

[ keke ] peons - blush

[ keke ] summer tray w flowers 
[ keke ] water mister - floral

Frames and plants from Plaaka

Pictures taken at Hollowtree, with Ming (thank you for posing!)