Happy Pony girl

Stockholm & Lima:Equestria Bridle -black/silver at Whimsical starting May 18th
In brown, black or white for 200 L$ each, in 2 versions silver or gold.

The face harness is unrigged and modify. 
The reins are rigged and go down your back and should fit any body. 
They are OC scripted with custom ribbon ripe 'reins' that leash
 on both sides of the face at the o-rings. 

For the poses I'v used the AO for Pony Girls from Stockholm & Lima, which is a MOCAP AO with Pony Girl animations. It's so cute! It has 3 walks (march, frolick and prance)  and 7 stands. It's sold at Whimsical starting May 18th.
Each animation is 100 L$

Stockholm & Lima: Double O-Ring Collar -Leather (Black/Silver) for The Fantasy Collective 

Stockholm & Lima: Equestria Harness (black/silver) at ULTRA - May 15th - June 15th
In black, brown or white (with silver/gold)
250 L$ each colour.

Lali's Latex Mittens Black

Opiums Addiction/[Constraint] Sluts Harness - Cuffs (Old Romp)
Opiums Addiction/[Constraint]  Sluts Harness - Pleasure Belt (Old Romp)