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{CP} Metal Bunny Mask

Lali's Female Sexy Suit 01 White

(epia) - Epsilon Combat Boots PLANTI 495 
The Epsilon Combat Boots PLANTI come with the following features: 
    ♦ A variety of 17 fabric, 17 upper guard and 17 lower guard texture options. (Both plain and camo included.)
    ♦ Modify and copy permissions. Both manually and by HUD re-sizable.
    ♦ High quality mesh- and texturework.
    ♦ Male and female options included.
    ♦ Both rigged and non rigged versions.
    ♦ Easy-to-use HUD.

The Espsilon Combat Boots are also sold in a version for furries and fantasy-like avatars, the back of the boot is arched and will not suit realistic human avatars.