Lovegasm at Dathuil

What started with a dream  - to have our exhibition at one of our favorite galleries - happened a few days ago. When Lucy asked us if we wanted to have an exhibition at Dathuil, we said yes right away. 

Then the fun began, it started with a title 'Lovegasm', to show our love, our passion and so much more through our pictures. Then the worst task.. to figure out which pictures we should use. We decided to each pick our favorite pictures from each other. I had a look at Mr. S's stream and vice versa. We ended up with 50 pictures each.. and had to reduce it to 25. Such a hard task, but we did it! While doing that we couldn't resist to make new pictures, which gave a new challenge.. to delete pictures again!

The result can be seen at Dathuil, the gallery owned by Max Butoh and Lucy Diamond.
The gallery space is beautiful on its own and we like minimalism, that's why we decided to make use of the spacious gallery and not use the walls or panels for our photo's.

Mr. S. had a brilliant idea which surprises each visitor. (no, I'm not going to tell, we love to surprise after all). The space itself is used for benches, with some surprises and we replaced the Kinky Shed from our home to the 2nd floor. It can be used by the visitors, for photography or... any fantasy you like. Each week the Kinky Shed will be changed to another theme.

Several bloggers have been writing about our exhibition and we like to thank, Ziki, Kate, Miya and Inara for visiting and taking pictures and of course writing about it.

Ziki Questi 

Relaxing after the opening at Dathuil. 

If you haven't visited it, please do, we will try to be there as often as possible.