Stockholm&Lima: Pillow Pile (Several versions: PG, Adult, Prop (no animations) and Poly. Has a colour hud & lots of animations of course.) 
Can be found at the Fantasy Collective
(Thank you Surrealia!)

{anc} NOEL. :  frilled furrug / cocoa
Soy. Superlong potted cactus w/stand

Anthro Furry Boots from Epia, with hud (white, gray, black, brown, red). Available at Chapter Four. (Thank you Verone!) 

Whatz Jeanne Top-Mesh
Noodles - Jade Harness Silver RARE
~*By Snow*~ Dolly Eyes (Blind)
[KOOQLA] AgentRed Band (White)
8f8 - Spring Imprisoned Horns - White Edition
r2 A/D/E anzu panties sheer
MD - Kitty Tail v4.3