AZOURY - Walkyries Head Accessory (Dark) 

.::Supernatural::. Scorpion Top  (gacha)

*HD* Ilya - garter bottom
*HD* Juna - black - dress
*HD* Solar, long corset - topless - laced back
*HD* Cat black - catsuit stockings

RF (Restrained Freedom)  Reverse Stiletto

  The RF Reverse Stiletto shoes just may be the meanest, most cruel shoes in the whole world...both SL and RL.
    They are beautifully crafted and sculpted with lots of features and style options :)
    Better stay on your toes....or else...OUCH!
They can be worn spiked or comfy. If you wear them spiked you have to stand on your toes, which if you ever tried to stay up on your toes in RL you know that its pretty hard and your legs get tired very fast....so, you will have to sit every xx minutes before your legs give out and you fall to your knees in pain.
    Your legs will get stronger over time, allowing you to stand for longer periods...but you can never truly master the shoes and stand forever :)
    Also, when you walk, your heels might accidentally get poked by the mean spike and cause you pain...too many heel pokes and you'll fall to your knees in pain.
    When wearing the shoes with a comfy heel (not spiked), you can walk around normally without any worries of getting your heels poked, and you can stand forever, just like normal high heel shoes....BUT...your legs will loose strength over time from not training on your toes :)
    Oh, and if you dont wear the shoes to train your legs at least once a week, your legs will loose strength too..

Have a kinky day! 
Pictures taken at Hollowtree - The Steeple